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Spike Rocks

The Mini Rock Crew

The Mini Rock Crew

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These delicious mini versions of our Floating Rocks are designed with your pre-teen and teens in mind! Life is even trickier to navigate than it was when we were kids! I believe that you're never too young to start with positive affirmations and reminders of how truly amazing we all are as individuals. Collecting tools for life should be a joyous journey and crystals are a great place to start!

Made to shorter length 13". If you require a different length, leave me a note 

Each crystal I've picked has a slightly different way of dealing with the same job; boosting our self love, confidence and a positive mental attitude!

Rose Quartz reminds us that self love is everything; she's gentle, forgiving and heart warming!

Moonstone is a strong female stone, particularly useful for those starting to navigate the oceans of hormones. She's intuitive and reminds us that wherever we are, we are on our right path.

Opal, our cosmic girl, enhances self-worth, helping us to realise our full potential! She does this gently, with lightness and spontaneity!

Amazonite brings us back a sense of fun and play! 'Growing up' can feel like a serious and big deal. Amazonite reminds us to lighten up and not take ourselves too seriously (couldn't we all use a bit of that). The Yes you can stone: it's a daily reminder that if you can dream it, you can achieve it!

Chalcedony is the perfect stone to chose if you are in the grip of other peoples negative vibe. Helps to balance overactive emotions like worry, phobias and overthinking. The go-to stone to refresh your perspective and restore harmony.

Pearl is the ultimate soother. the silky coating of the pearl is created by the oyster to smooth away the irritation caused by grit that gets into its shell! We pick up lots of 'grit', stress and anxiety! The pearl helps to sooth us reminding us that sometimes discomfort, battle, hardship and challenge can get us to where we need to be!

Clear Quartz Quite simply she's the Queen of Crystals. A healer on all levels; physical, spiritual and mental! Especially great for those who have experienced any type of trauma, helping to move forwards and find a path to a new self.


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