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Mala of Magical Manifestation

Mala of Magical Manifestation

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There's something magical happening, can you feel it yet?

Wherever you put your focus is where your energy goes. Your intentions + your focus + your energy = your dreams and wishes coming to fruition. The real magic is within you.

The Mala of Magical Manifestation has the power crystal of Malachite, which brings the focus and shizzle, Ebony Sandalwood to keep you calm and grounded and Black Spinel to give you the stamina to see it through and accept your success with humility.

The gorgeous handmade silk tassels that I use represent the roots of the Lotus Plant. Buddhists say 'no mud, no Lotus'. The colour green represents rejuvenation, growth and success.

Made from 108 beads + 1 guru bead. The main body of the Mala is made of Ebony Sandalwood; the half-marker is a Tibetan Dzi bead - translated Dzi means 'shine, brightness, clearness, splendour'; the marker beads are Malachite; and the guru bead is Black Spinel. Finished with a silk tassel.

Please note each Mala is individually made and may differ from the image shown.


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Malachite: Your Magic Wand Rock

Not only is malachite fiercely protective, she brings her own magic.

 If you can imagine it, dream it or wish it; malachite brings the energy, focus and good vibes to make it happen. 

Malachite is a warrior stone and guardian of the heart.

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