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Morganite Alchemist Necklace

Morganite Alchemist Necklace

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This Alchemist crystal necklace for the soul is powered by our girl, Morganite.

California Girl aka Soul Sister

Originally discovered in California, she’s the sweet-natured, hippy-hearted, free-spirited sister to fancy gal Emerald.

Like most pink stones, she is connected to the heart chakra, but Morganite is so much more. She’s busy making sure that, whatever you do, it will make your soul sing.

She sees you playing small, downplaying your splendour, unable to take a compliment. All she wants is for others to see you as she does, especially you! She gently helps you to stretch out and fill every part of your incredible being.

Starring here as The Alchemist crystal necklace, Morganite lifts your soul and puts it at the centre of all that you are and do!

Helping your soul to heal will enable it to soar, so that you can clearly hear her guiding you in the voice of your inner wisdom.

Faceted pyramid cut Morganite crystal on neutral cord. Bolt-ring clasp in sterling silver.

Made with an 18" cord, for any other length required, please add a note to your order giving your size.

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